Blue Heron  More content is now available for Section One residents on a public page, for anyone looking into our community who is not currently an owner.  You can access this by clicking the words “Section One” on the menu bar, above right.

Two links added include the Channel Guide and TV listings for the Hotwire Cable company with whom we have recently partnered.  Of course, many owners will appreciate this, as well as renters or people looking to move here.  We don’t always remember the “Get Hotwired” web address so hopefully it will be beneficial to some.

We have also started the dedicated “Condos for Sale” page for Section One specifically, and expect more listings to be added soon.

Keep checking back for updates as more forms, newsletters, minutes and other information is added!


Special Announcement: High Point Section One Moves into the 21st Century!

We have great news for our Section One owners! Two new enhancements are happening:

  1. Website Access – the High Point of Fort Pierce Website has partnered with the High Point Condos Section One Association and will now offer a secured, private section for owners. Condo updates, meeting minutes, newsletters and other information will be available for access from the website. Click here to access the page to register. Please allow 24 hours for your registration to be approved.
  2. Credit/Debit Card processing for your Maintenance Fees and other payments – through this website, the association is now able to accept payments via Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Detailed instructions are forthcoming; Section One owners will receive this information via email, through flyers or by regular USPS mail in the next few days. These payments will be taken online via this page, or if you are unable to access a computer, you may call the office and have Gene or Lana assist you by phone.

Other changes to this site will include updated Real Estate information such as Condos for sale/for rent and opportunities for local businesses to offer special discounts and coupons to our community. As always, we invite all community residents to submit their stories, photos and other interesting information for inclusion here.

Everybody loves photos of our Sand Hill Crane chicks, but we can offer so much more! We welcome your comments and feedback .

Cranes 4/24/14   Cranes 4/24/14Alligator 4/24/14


As you can see, they grow very quickly! Here are several shots taken since April 7, 2014.  As always, Click on the photos to enlarge.  Enjoy!

Sand Hill Crane Chicks 4/20/14 Sand Hill Crane Chicks 4/20/14 Sand Hill Crane Chicks 4/18/14 Sand Hill Crane Chicks 4/18/14 Sand Hill Crane Chicks 4/14/14 Sand Hill Crane Chicks 4/14/14 Sand Hill Crane Chicks 4/7/14 Sand Hill Crane Chicks 4/7/14


Welcome New Twin Cranes!

April 3, 2014

Twins Hatched 4/2/14Here are the chicks that hatched yesterday, April 2nd 2014.  Please drive carefully as you pass Higgins Island!

Baby Cranes Face to Face


Last night, the third Friday of the month of January, was the “Food Truck Invasion” in Downtown Fort Pierce.

Melody Lane along the waterfront was blocked off and filled with a dozen food trucks and their small but unique menus.

Food Truck MenuThe menu at the “Curbside Gourmet” where David ordered was extremely delicious. The burger was moist, cooked thoroughly and with the muenster cheese he chose and the fresh tomato and lettuce, a perfect cheeseburger.  It included French Fries (also delicious) and a beverage for $12 and was comparable with offerings from the other vendors.  They are online at

Joy ordered from the Key West Street Eats truck, and though she didn’t think to take a photo of her order, we did manage to bring home a card from the vendor.  Her choice was a Key West Grouper Po’ Boy, made with fresh, tender grouper deep fried in a tempura batter, with a slaw, mango salsa and fresh-made tortilla chips.  It was superb, and the $12 price point seemed a little high at first, but the sandwich was truly memorable, and she wants to go back and get more of those chips!

Key West Street Eats Card

From Juices to desert, you had a good choice for your supper and the crowds were not bad considering the chill that had invaded the Treasure Coast on this particular evening.  We hope you take the opportunity to visit one of the many events found at and enjoy their high end take on take-out dining.

FoodTruckDrinks FoodTruckPoster


Flood Frogs

January 10, 2014

Flood Frog

If you had your windows open last evening, or if you went outside to observe the flooded roads around High Point, you may have heard a chorus of frogs calling.  These creatures are a particular variety of frogs that really enjoy heavy rain and flooded terrain.  Apparently this weather incites them to pair up and prepare to lay eggs!

Their sound was like a cross between a cow and a bird, and one of our neighbors though it was a crane.  I thought the same thing at first, until we went to look with a flashlight, and here is what we found.

Does anyone know the name of the variety and any more details about these frogs?

Did you find anything of interest in the floods around here?

Please share in the comments.  :)


New Eggs on Higgins Island

January 8, 2014

We’ve noticed that the female Sand Hill Crane (we guess it’s the female) has been spending a lot of time on the island, and today while walking around the lake, we saw that there are 2 eggs.

Nesting Sand Hill CraneAccording to general consensus on the Internet, the gestation period is about 30 to 32 days.  It will be fun to see if we have 2 babies strutting around with Mom & Dad in a month.

Nesting Sand Hill Crane




The Year of the Internet!

January 3, 2014

The following is a guest post by David Langtry, High Point Resident and a sponsor of this web site.  For more technical assistance and information, you can visit him at

ARRIS / Motorola SURFboard SB5101U DOCSIS 2.0 Cable Modem“The Year of the Internet” may have been proclaimed in the past as already occurring… but for many in High Point Condos in Florida, the Internet is a new adventure:  it’s now part of the package included in maintenance fees along with lawn care, garbage and water.

 Computers, networked televisions and smart phones are showing up everywhere you look.

E-book readers like Kindles from Amazon can have many of your favorite books and can be easier to read. Tablet computers and iPads will do your email and web browsing… and don’t forget, there’s an app for that!

Computers are changing from the big thing with wires that uses lots of power, to light and portable desktops and laptops. Even the most powerful computer you can buy for your home is smaller than a breadbox.

Movies for home use can be bought and purchased, rented or streamed to your internet-connected TV or Internet box – like a Roku and Apple TV. Amazon has membership that includes movies, ebooks and free two day shipping on in-stock orders.

Your favorite food can be ordered and delivered without leaving the comfort of your easy chair. Some websites save your favorite order, so you are just a few minutes away from eating hot dinner.

Make a grocery store list as you look through the weekly ads, and compare prices between local supermarkets and department stores. Email the list to yourself, so instead of paper in pocket, you look at your email on your smart-phone while you shop.

Check local store for inventory to see of you are wasting a trip to find a product, and even order it and pick it up at the store when it arrives.

Did you know your doctor can check on you over the internet?  You can send blood pressure, pulse and blood tests followed by on-screen, face-to-face conversations to ask and answer questions.

Are you Connected?

So with all this possible and more to come, what do you need to connect to the internet? First you need a cable modem and you can rent them from Hotwire in this case or buy one like this.

If you have a desktop computer, you just plug it into the cable modem and Hotwire will help you set it up to receive and transmit. If you have a portable computer or device you will need a wireless router to replace the wires and free you to move where you most comfortable. WiFi as it is often called, will work with as many computers, smart phones, tablets and readers as you want or need.

Now that you have an email address, give it to your Condo Office and you can receive newsletters, meeting and event notices.  And don’t forget to sign up at our website to stay current with news and recent changes and send us your pictures, articles and questions please!  Have a Happy New Year!


Happy 2014

January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Alligator validating Sign Click to enlarge


414 D Sandpiper for Sale!

December 26, 2013

Available soon:

Our 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo will be for sale in January. We will be offering interior photos and showings starting on January 11, 2014. We would like to close on February 1st, or as close to that as possible. If you are interested, please contact us at the following email: joylangtry at mac dot com or by phone at six zero three – nine nine eight – three three eight one. Interested parties, only, please, no realtors.

Here are exterior photos to begin with:

Front view outside the condo

Side view outside of our condo

View of our bamboo screen from High Point Blvd.